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Your complete business solution for scanning & tracking Keys

If you need to manage keys, then Keylog is your answer

Our features include:

Key management Assets & vehicles management Postage & staff tracking SMS notifications Unlimited users

We print:

Branded Key Tags ID cards & Business Cards Promo Tags Membership Cards & much more

Easy to use cloud-based software to manage keys & more

When someone asks , “Who’s got the keys?” Keylog has the answer !

Make your day super efficient with our ultimate key and asset management system

Check out these weekly key movement stats

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Keylog Benefits

Keylog is your one-stop web platform helping you efficiently and easily manage your front desk processes with checking out Keys and more. Keylog was developed with busy users in mind so its super simple to use and is accessible 24/7.

Log-in access

With unlimited users, your team can access Keylog from your laptop, desktop or device which gives the ability to manage keys and more within seconds.

Cloud based

With a cloud based system you update details instantly and know that your data is backed up every day and with the advantage of access 24/7 with your log-in.

Scan & go

Barcode scanning is fast and accurate ensuring that the keys you are logging out match the data in your system, no errors or duplicates.


Keep your suppliers and staff up to-date with SMS notifications, overdue emails and more. Get those keys back on time every time.

Added Features

There’s more to Keylog than meets the eye, upload Key images to your keys, auto addressing, no duplication, add more than one key to a property and view your issued keys in a live dashboard.


Whether your logging keys, staff or even cars, Keylog can suit your business, if you have to lend it out then Keylog is your partner in compliance.

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