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Donna Cooney

Donna Cooney

LREA , Managing Director

Donna’s diverse background has shaped her to the focused professional she is today. Ever evolving, Donna has always progressed through her career seeking excellence in every facet of business whether it be someone else’s or her own.

From the start of her working career in a corporate accounting environment to pursuing her own business for many years in the retail service industry managing a large team of staff, Donna has proved that devotion and customer service is the key to success.

Moving into the world of Real Estate over ten years ago opened the door to many diverse aspects of this exciting industry. Initially working at a very successful independent agency covering lots of positions including property manager and new business, then working her way through to a major franchise operation looking after the development of Property Management for that network exposed Donna to opportunities available in the industry in terms of products and software.

“I developed the Keylog system after observing the general front desk operation for many years of recording property keys that are lent out to trades people, tenants or anyone else that needed to borrow client property keys on a daily basis.

The question “who’s got the keys to ABC St?“ for example would resonate with nearly every agency on a daily/weekly basis and sometimes the answer was not favourable. Even some years back I always felt the handwritten desk key book was tentative and full of risk but it was all that was available at the time…until now. “

Over the past year there has been a huge increase in the availability of systems to all businesses to help staff increase day to day productivity and alleviate old fashioned manual processes. It’s such an exciting time to move forward with these technologies.

IT & Support

IT & Support

Our experienced IT team is on hand everyday to ensure product enhancement and to implement special requests to the platform that will benefit all clients going forward whilst monitoring performance, security and consistency within the whole system on a daily basis.

Keylog is proud of our dedicated IT & Support team who are essentially the engine room of a company keeping software fluid and vital whilst keeping control of all those backend processes that sometimes get forgotten during busy days – well done team.

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