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What is Keylog?

What does Keylog do?

Keylog is a 24/7 cloud based system to monitor, record and track all Property Keys, Assets, Vehicles, Staff and Postage.

What is the advantage of using Barcodes?

Aligning your key numbers with matching barcodes ensures that when you are scanning keys the scanner won’t make a mistake with the number as opposed to typing the number. Having barcodes on your Key Tags also shows the borrower that your agency is serious about recording key transactions.

Do we really need a new digital Key system, what’s wrong with our handwritten key book?

If you have ever misplaced keys and had to pay for them to be replaced or your handwritten key book at front desk is too hard to look back through then you need a digital Key system. With a handwritten book there is no accountability with your Trades people or even Staff, the Key number may have been written up but who’s monitoring that it came back.

Keylog Costs?

Is Keylog subscription based?

Yes. You have the choice of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually subscription and is price guaranteed, with no price rises once you are on board.

What are the minimum costs of the Keylog Software System?

The Keylog standard system is very economical from $50 per month + gst AUS on direct debit with 24/7 access.

Is Keylog based on the amount of Management and Sales Properties we have?

No matter how large your agency is Keylog is a fixed annual subscription price with unlimited users.

Do I have to pay by User?

Your subscription includes unlimited users.

Keylog SMS Facility?

Do I have to use SMS with the Keylog?

SMS is totally optional, Keylog runs perfectly without it but we do recommend it to keep trades people in check.

What hardware do I need to use Keylog?

Do I have to use a scanner with Keylog?

You can type your key numbers in directly to log keys in and out if you don’t have a scanner.

Can I use my existing scanner that we use for Accounts?

Yes you can – any scanner will work with our system.

Do you recommend Scanners?

Yes. We have a range of scanners to choose from including wireless and usb dedicated and they all come with 12 months warranty.

Can we get advice on the best type of scanner to use in our office?

Yes. We always advise the best solution to fit how you’re going to use Keylog in your office.

Can I have Customised Key Tags?

Yes, we are happy to help you design your customised and personalised key tags with your logo.

What does a barcode do?

A barcode is a symbol that has your chosen reference inside it, whether that be a number or letter combination to reference back into a digital system.

General Questions

Does Keylog sync with other programs?

We are currently working hard with industry affiliates to create API integration so that data can transfer easily between platforms.

Does Keylog have auto addressing to make it easy to add an address?

Yes, we have Google Maps addressing.

I like to split my Master set of keys apart for renovations, can I do that?

Sure can, our system will apply extra numbers to the matching property instantly.

Can I attach Photos of my Keys to the Property?

Sure can, simply create a folder on your Server and start taking photos of your keys and they you can browse them into Keylog against the Keys for your properties.

How does my Key information get into Keylog?

We simply import CSV’s of specific information downloaded from your Trust system into your Keylog file, all your properties, key numbers, trades and staff so they system is ready to use from day one.

If I place an order with Keylog, how long does it take to get up and running in our Agency?

It’s pretty quick, within 7-14 days depending on artwork for Tags etc.

Where do my Key Tags come from?

Keylog prints Key Tags and sample Tags in house so re-ordering is quick and simple. Large orders are produced by an affiliate company where required but at no extra costs or delay.

Are Tags re-usable?

They sure are, when a Tag is deactivated it’s ready to be assigned to a new property.

How durable are the Key Tags?

The Key tags are laminated both sides and are very durable and re-usable.

What if I need Support or have a question while using Keylog?

On the main screen of Keylog there is a Support button with some helpful FAQ’s but if you cannot find your answer then you can log a ticket and our Team will respond to you almost immediately.

Can I run Vehicles through Keylog?

Yes, Keylog has an Assets and Vehicle register so you can track items on a daily basis.

Can I run a Postage Book in Keylog?

Yes, Keylog has a Mail Module called MailLog available so you can record any postage leaving your office plus you can even scan in tracking barcodes that Keylog will hyperlink which makes it quick to track to see if a letter or package has been delivered.

Is my data backed up?

Yes Keylog backs up all client data every 24 hours on our hosted cloud server

What if the Internet goes down in my office?

You can log-in via another IP on another device ie: iPad or laptop.

Does Keylog ever go down?

Un-foreseen circumstances can occur with cloud based servers; fortunately being off-line is very rare and we notify all clients immediately.

What if I need to look up a Key number urgently and the system is down?

During our training process we recommend you download your Keylog Key Book from Reports every month and save to your Server or at least keep a hard copy in a safe place at work for easy access.

Is my data secure?

All data is hosted on our cloud server via Amazon Web Services using their industry leading technologies and standards. Client data is backed up every 24hrs plus we implement regular internal security audits to ensure our platform is secured. We do not share your data or information with any third parties and apply standard privacy and data security industry practices. For more information on Amazon Web Services please visit


Product Warranties:

For existing customers please refer to your Service Agreement.

Plastic Key Tags/Cards:

Plastic Tags/Cards are non-refundable once ordered as they are per individual custom order basis as per the individual order form.
Tags/Cards have a 6mths warranty on Image quality, Lamination and Barcode usage, we will replace faulty tags within 7-14 days after the fault has been determined and agreed.
We do not cover general-use damage, water damage, scratches, snapping from damage to tags.
If you accidently lose a Tag we will happy cover you for up to 10 tags complimentary.
Further replacement Tags are at current list price plus current postage/courier costs

Barcode Sticky Labels:

Warranty only applies to the Barcode accuracy up to 30 days as Labels are Paper and need to be in a protective cover and treated with care.
We are not responsible for general wear and tear of your Labels. We recommend you place a protective cover over the Labels.


Please refer to your Service Agreement.


Information supplied is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Keylog.
Keylog is administered under a licence agreement and may only be used in accordance with the licence agreement.
It is a criminal offence to copy Keylog software onto any medium except where licenced to do so.
No part of the manual may be reproduced or copied in any form by any means except under the permission of Keylog.
All care and accuracy has been taken, Keylog makes no claims as to error free operation or any inaccuracies in the documentation and reserves the right to alter, delete or update any specification stated or implied.

Keylog and associates involved in the creation of Keylog shall not have any liability with respect to the liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this software and application, interruption of service, loss of business or anticipated profits or other damages resulting from the use or operation of the software.

We do not sell or distribute client data, information or details to third parties.

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